Dressing the Bump: Week 28

Hello third trimester. Holy cow. As I’m typing this I’m currently wondering how on earth I am going to survive another 12 weeks of pregnancy. To be fair I had some form of food poisoning this last weekend so I think that added a little drama to mix. I’m also starting to think that this baby never sleeps, which terrifies me for my future. He is always, always, always, moving and not just little sweet movement either. I’m talking the kind that look like I have a MIB alien in me or how a cartoon character looks when his stomach growls really loud. Can you picture it? I’ve found myself wondering if I would rather my belly get way bigger to accommodate this future olympic gymnast or if I’d rather just put up with all the crazy. At this point I’m thinking bring on the quintuplet sized belly if it means I don’t feel like my baby is going to bust his foot or arm through my skin. I warned you I was feeling a bit of extra dramatic flair. Well this week’s look comes to you from Arden and its the softest and most comfortable dress maybe that I’ve ever owned. Plus it has pockets, which is like every mama’s dream.

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