Dressing the Bump: Week 35

So Week 35 is coming to a close and I’ll be honest, I did not want to take these photos. I am feeling HUGE, like “walk past a mirror and do a double take because that can’t be me” kind of huge. I suppose that’s all part of the process though. Especially when you’re like me and somehow didn’t get that crazy burst of energy in the second trimester, I blame my toddler, and also have dealt with annoying sciatic pain almost constantly. This means that I spent a lot of time resting and the time I spent out and about was mostly for Disneyland trips or walks at the mall. If you catch where I’m going with this, I’m trying to nicely say that I was not the “fit mama” during this pregnancy. However, I was the mama who wasn’t opposed to eating the occasional burger and fries. So here I am with a month to go, and doing what I can to embrace my body for the miraculous thing it’s doing for our family. This baby better be cute!

Here’s to the home stretch!

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    • mrsseacannon

      Thank you! I have shared my favorite pair in previous posts, they are from Motherhood Maternity. They have my favorite maternity jeans and jeggings and almost always have a sale going on!

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