Why use essential oils? 

I have been using essential oils for myself and my family for over three years now. We use them in multiple ways everyday and there is a way to use them for just about everything. Oils help us with immune support, provide relaxation, aide in sleep, keep our pup smelling fresh, promote energy and focus, have replaced toxic cleaning products in our home, can be used in cooking, and best of all they are safe to use with my babies. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, there’s an oil for that, and there really is! I am part of an incredible oily community of men and women, families, married or single. Oils are for everyone. We support each other on our journey and I’d love to help you join our team so that you can get in on all of the goodness.

Why should I purchase them from Young Living? 

When I was researching oils, this was a no brainer for me. Young Living has one big component that sets it apart from other companies and brands, the Seed to Seal process. This basically means that each and every oil you get from them is guaranteed to be the purest essential oils without fillers. A lot of other oils you find being sold are diluted or mixed with fillers even though they might not say it right on the front of the label or are sourced inconsistently. The Seed to Seal process means that from the time the plant is being grown until it gets to the bottle on your doorstep, it is being tested and held to a industry-leading standard. In fact, you can even visit the farms where their oils come from (#bucketlist)

Where do I start? 

This is the easy part, you simply sign up via this link. (Make sure the “Enroller” and “Sponsor ID” fields are filled with this number 1602345, it should happen automatically). You’ll then have to option to move forward as a retail customer or a member. Let me break it down for you.

Retail Customer – Pays full retail price for products, you don’t get access to the Essential Rewards incentive program, and when you sign up you don’t have to make any minimum purchase.

Member – Get’s 24% off retail price on products, has to option to join the Essential Rewards incentive program, has the option to earn compensation and commission, qualifies for exclusive YL events, must purchase a starter kit to qualify. Read more about the starter kit options here.

Either way, you will be taking a step toward whole life wellness. However, the pros of joining as member make it an easy decision, in my opinion. For the first couple of years I was a member I simply reaped the benefits of the 24% off. There is no requirement to purchase a certain amount of product or sell oils if you become a member. In fact once you sign up as a member you aren’t required to purchase any oils after the initial starter kit, but I’m confident you will want to because they will change your life.

How do I use my oils?

With your starter kit you will receive plenty of informational literature from Young Living on how to use your kit. In addition to that, when you sign up as a member you also get access to our private Facebook groups where a thriving community of oil users all share motivation, tips, and idea for how to use your essential oils. The first easy way to start using your oils is to break out the gorgeous diffuser that came with your premium starter kit. I diffuse oils to help us relax at bedtime, to help me focus while I’m getting work done, for an added immunity boost when we are feeling under the weather, or just to make the house smell good! Oils can also be applied straight to your skin, aka topically, but some oils you use may require you to mix them with a carrier oil first. My favorite way to apply is by making roller ball mixes for different things, like for my kids at bedtime to help them relax, and swipe on the bottoms of feet, neck, wrists, etc. I’ve also made pain relieving creams, room spray for both my labors, beard oil for my hubby, and so much more. After you’ve become a believer and are using the oils that came with your kit, it will be an easy decision to start replacing all of the products in your home with natural products from Young Living. You can branch out and get essential oil infused products to clean your home and even skin and body care. We love Thieves household cleaner and detergent, all natural deodorant, and they just released all natural make-up and baby products that I can’t wait to try.

To join my team of oil obsessed folks click here or shoot me an email by filling out my contact form here. I am here to answer any questions you may have so if you are on the fence I’d love to chat with you.