Father’s Day Love

It’s about to get sappy you guys. You see, I count myself really lucky. I grew up knowing a lot of strong and caring men: my Dad, Grandpa, uncles, even dads of friends. Naturally, when I pictured my own family one day, my husband was a mixture of all of the good I saw in them. The silliness of my Dad or the strong fix-anything nature of my Grandpa. Even tiny things like a love for travel, a generous heart, the ability to use a bbq, or the willingness to help around the house in any way possible.

Practically Perfect in Every Way

I have to say that as I got older, I realized that this was going to be pretty impossible to find because what I was imagining was perfection. I prayed, dated the wrong guys, prayed a lot more, and then met Christian. I discovered that he had pretty darn near everything I had on my list, lucky me! He also had a whole lot of other qualities and attributes that I had never dreamed of, and those things are part of what make him perfect for me. I’ve discovered that this is way better than my original idea of ‘perfection’ because those extra things he brings to the table are the things that challenge me, stretch me, and help me grow to be better. He’s for sure not a perfect man, but without a doubt he is the perfect man for me.

Best Dad Ever

When it comes to parenting though, I have to say that I’m pretty confident he is the best Dad. Whether it was waking up for middle of the night diaper changes, and still handling them anytime he’s home, or taking Elouise out for a date, he’s gone above and beyond. He is the perfect Dad for her. I hope she sees that as she grows, and recognizes how lucky we are to have him. Although I’m sure we’ll embarrass her when we kiss too much or start a dance party in the living room when she has friends over. Someday she’ll realize she had the cool parents.

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there!

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