Favorite Fall Diffuser Blends

I’ll admit I am pretty basic in the sense that I have to have my house filled with the scent of whatever season we are in. Like, it’s not actually Fall until my house smells like pumpkin spice, dang it. I used to stock up on allllll the candles. Like 5 for Fall and 5 for Christmas and rotate them. Candles on repeat. Well, you won’t find me burning candles anymore. No judgments if you’re a candle lover, nope not one bit. However, I am in the mindset of when you know better, you do better. That’s what got me started on this whole essential oil journey in the first place. When I started researching and learning more about the things in my home and the things I was exposing to myself and my family so I was like, no thanks. Long story short, if you don’t want to go on a candle throw away rampage, don’t keep reading. I will say that I still achieve those amazing Fall smells in my home but in a way that is non-toxic and actually cheaper. Boom!

If you haven’t read why I use essential oils or why I chose the company I buy from, you can check that out by clicking here. If you have any more questions about it all, you can shoot me an email! So to achieve the yummy smells in my home, I drop some essential oils into my diffuser and wait for the magic to happen. As far as essential oils replacing candles, it was a no-brainer for me since I already use them for a thousand other things in my home. If you haven’t read about the research being done on the effects candles can have in your home check out this article from Women’s Health. Basically, nothing is 100% conclusive yet, but they are starting to link the use of the common candle (think like the one you pick up off the shelf at most stores) of air pollution (like in your home, yuck) asthma, and even caner. Okay, even the possibility of those things was enough of a reason to throw that junk away. Is the scent of Fall worth potentially sacrificing my family’s health? Nope. SO essential oils for the win. Plus, I not only get the smell, but the diffuser I have from Young Living also works to help purify and humidify the air. The oils that I am using are 100% pure and therapeutic grade meaning that they not only smell good, but they have added health benefits. Here are my favorite blends to diffuse right now. I definitely did not make them up, but I have tweaked each one a little bit as I have been experimenting with the scents. Let me know if you try one!



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