Fun at the Farm

You guys, have I mentioned that it is my dream to basically have a tiny farm in my backyard? Yep, its true! Gimme a a few chickens, some rows of veggies, a couple of fruit trees, and I’d be a happy camper. So, its no surprise that I was in heaven when we visited Tanaka Farms this past weekend. We have been before for the adorable pumpkin patch but they offer so much more throughout the year! We hopped on a tractor tour around the farm and sampled freshly picked veggies, and then got to pick our own strawberries. Elouise was in absolute heaven and decided she needed to bend down and eat bites out of as many berries as she could. which then turned into giving them kisses, and finally after many reminders to not put her mouth on them we strolled down the rows giving them positive affirmations. I’m sure seeing toddler touching strawberries and saying “good job growing!” was equal parts strange and adorable. Anyhow, it was a fun day for the books, and E and I got to twin so that made it a zillion times better.





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