Just Another Disney Day


I mean, a day at Disneyland wouldn’t be complete without a churro, right? These ones were hot and fresh and I honestly could have eaten 5. Luckily I listened to my better judgement and only ate one and a half, HA! We had such a fun day. The last few times we have gone things have felt a little rushed or we have dealt with tantrums. This trip we planned on leaving at 1pm and ended up staying until 7pm because of how smooth everything went. Honestly I’m pretty sure it’s because I gave myself really attainable goals for the trip like seeing Frozen live and meeting Tinkerbell and Moana. Literally those were the only “plans” for the day. The rest we winged and it went so much better. You think I would be better at taking my own advice since it’s one of the tips I blogged about a few months ago. I shared a few photos of our day below, all taken on my iPhone (you don’t need to lug around a fancy camera all day at the parks to capture great photos!). Then at the very bottom you’ll find a video montage of our day.


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4 thoughts on “Just Another Disney Day

  1. BlueBrey

    You post so much so often on instagram. Like seriously, you have two little ones, why do you feel the need to document so much all day long. Live in the moment with your kids instead of living for your followers.It’s like a need to say “Hi, I’m here” when your kids are saying hey mom we are right here. It’s like tap into real life. It’s like you need constant validation other than your family or something . Are you a pastors wife too?

    • mrsseacannon

      Hi there, I’m so sorry that you feel that way. It’s very sad that you feel the need to take the time out of your day to criticize how I live my life. My blog and Instagram provide income for my family that is needed for us to make ends meet and it’s also something I enjoy. My kids are very well loved and taken care of, just like the children of any other working parent. I am just like every other parent doing my best every day to take care of my family. While I am not taking your words personally, I hope your know that your comment was not kind at all and in the future any comments like that will not be welcomed and will be removed.

      • Chrissy

        Sharing beautiful images of well cared for babes is much better than sharing hurtful comments. I’m so glad you were able to take this kind of negativity in your stride, rise above then create even more positivity in your life. We are all in this together ❤ x

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