Just Keep Swimming

It’s no secret that my family lives for playtime in the pool. Daddy grew up surfing and I think his deep rooted love for the water lives on in both of the kids.  Although my summer activity of choice is snoozing in the sun (sun screened of course, duh) I will happily splash around even in the coldest water to bring a smile to my kids’ faces. Needless to say, picking a hotel to stay at usually involves some heavy research into the pool situation. We knew we’d love the JW Marriott Dessert Ridge because there were multiple pools, a splash pad, and a freaking lazy river. That was maybe my favorite part because I got to relax in my innertube while Elouise floated along in the current of the river. She felt like a mermaid and I can confidently say that we spent hours in there. Here are some photos from our pool time, obviously rocking our favorite family swimwear from Kortni Jeane.


Thanks so Kortni Jeane for our adorable swimwear and thanks again to the JW Marriott Desert Ridge for hosting us!

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