Meet Me at the Fair


One of my favorite traditions is dragging Christian to the Orange County Fair with me, he loves it. Actually, I think he just loves me. Either way, I have been going for a long time and so its something that I just have to do despite the heat or the crowds or even the insane cost for a corn dog the size of your arm. So, we took the kiddos, Aunt Cookie, and Grammie & Papa and went to the fair! We watched the little pig races, saw all sorts of animals, played some games, and ate lots of fair food. Elouise also played in the plash pad with a zillion other kids and got completely soaked, ate her own corn dog, and got to pick her own prize courtesy of Daddy’s game winning skills. Oh and thanks to Aunt Cookie she got to try her first Sour Patch Kid, which was pretty darn cute!



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