Mrs Seacannon Must-Haves: Fresh Wave Odor Removing Products

Let me start of by saying that I have always had a super sensitive sense of smell. During pregnancy its the worst! I can sniff our smells with the tenacity of a bomb sniffing dog, except I’m on the hunt for odors and once I smell them they have got to go. I have tried all sorts of things over the years, but once I found out I was pregnant with Elouise we started making changes in our home to use natural and safe products. It’s been a slow transition but little by little we are still replacing products in our home that normally have tons of icky chemicals with all natural products that work just as good, or even better. The smells of having a baby and now a toddler have sent me searching for something to remove odors naturally and I finally found Fresh Wave.

In the Kitchen

Don’t mind the dirty toddler handprints on the stainless steel trashcan, instead fix your eyes on that little gray rectangle on the lid. That bad boy is the fresh pod and it has solved a huge majority of my kitchen smells. We live in a tiny townhouse and our living area is one giant rectangle with no walls, talk about open concept. That means that any smells in my kitchen are automatically floating through my whole home, there is no escape. This little fresh pod has made it so the remnants of my chopped fruit or veggies and the leftovers from dinner we didn’t finish don’t end up stinking up the whole place.

When I do end up cooking something that lingers, I don’t have to worry anymore because of the odor removing candle. You know what I’m talking about, right? Like when you sauté onions and garlic and your house smells like The Spaghetti Factory for three days. Or when you cook pizza and the cheese melts off and falls onto the bottom of the oven and smokes up your entire home. Just me? I used to try all sorts of sprays or perfumey candles to get rid of the smell but it would either mask it temporarily or mix with it. Nobody wants to smell burnt smokey sweet cinnamon pumpkin. Yuck. This candle actually helps to neutralize odors which is exactly what I want it to do, score!

In the Bathroom

I don’t want to go into too much detail here, but I will say that there have been many scents that have been ruined for me because they were used as bathroom spray. I have major smell association, so when the usual vanilla or floral or laundry spray mixes with “bathroom smells” it just ruins that scent for me for good. Plus, has anyone else noticed how chemically most sprays smell? I always hate breathing them in and find myself doing the spray and sprint, where I spritz the air and run out of the bathroom as fast as I can. The Fresh Wave odor removing gel is always in the bathroom to keep the area neutral smelling and we have the Fresh Wave odor removing spray to get rid of any extra odors that may occur. You know what I mean. Our only bathroom in our home is inside of our bedroom, which means that if there is some major stink happening in the bathroom, its also happening in our room. It’s definitely not ideal, so we have to make sure we keep those smells under control. Luckily these two Fresh Wave products have been doing the trick quite nicely.

If you’re interested in trying out the products for yourself head to my Instagram for a chance to win a prize pack from Fresh Wave! I’d also love to hear any tips or tricks all of you have for using all natural products in your homes.

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