Our Favorite Sleep Sack + Giveaway

Sleep has become quite the luxury over here since this little dude has entered our family. I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but when your first kid sleeps through the night from day one, even having to wake up once a night is a big adjustment. Well, with Sullivan we have tried all sorts of tricks to try and coax him in to sleeping through night (although now I know that some kids sleep through the night until they are toddlers, gasp!). Swaddling was doing pretty well for us, but our boy is a mover and a shaker, so at 5 months we had to take him out of the swaddle since he was starting to roll. After some trial and error we have found what works best for us with the Nested Bean Zen Sack and I’m giving you the chance to win one for yourself! Read until the end to find out how. Thank you to Nested Bean for sponsoring this post.

So, here are a couple of reasons why this product is something I consider a must have. First of all a sleep sack is the best option to transition out of a swaddle. We used one with Elouise also and not only does it help them to feel slightly contained and comforted since their legs are all zipped up, it also acts as a wearable blanket to keep your baby warm enough while still being safe. The reason why the Nested Bean products are so amazing is that they have a lightly weighted pad built in that simulates your touch on baby’s chest while they sleep. This gentle touch on baby’s chest has actual been proven to soothe babies and aide in sleep, so having that mimicked is key, because you’re hands are free to get those last few chores done, grab the remote and veg out with your favorite show, or pull up covers and get to bed yourself. I’m speaking from experience here because these things actually work!

Now, it’s not an enchanted sleep sack that will magically make every baby sleep through the night for 8 hours straight (I wish!) but in most cases it will improve sleep and that’s exactly what it’s done for us. Sullivan now takes at least two naps a day wearing his Zen Sack and his naps are now 1-2 hours as opposed to 30-40 minutes. Bedtime is a lot easier as well since he wears his Zen Sack to sleep also. If your baby is still in a swaddle, don’t worry Nested Bean sells a swaddle with the same technology that mimics your touch on their chest.


Okay, so have I convinced you that you need one yet? Lucky for you I’m giving one away right here on the blog. Just leave a comment below and if you want an extra entry, head to my Pinterest page and repin the image from this post. Giveaway will close Friday 6/9/17 at midnight and I’ll choose one winner at random. Good luck and happy sleeping mamas!

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59 thoughts on “Our Favorite Sleep Sack + Giveaway

  1. Kelly

    from one tired mama to the next- this sleep sack would be a dream come true (literally!) your kids are just adorable ?

  2. Rosa Honores

    Love you’re blog! Always helpful for Mama’s who need to know what’s best for our little ones. Having my second baby and looking for ways to make things smoother when she wakes up! Thank you!

  3. My husband and I were JUST talking about how we’re gonna transition our boy out of a swaddle once he can roll. Good to know there are awesome products out there! Crossing my fingers! 🙂

  4. Meaghan Henderson

    I would love to win one of these for my little guy, Shep! He was born just a couple weeks before your Sullivan! I really like keeping up with you because it’s all very relatable 😉

  5. Tanvi

    Definitely would love to try this out on my little one who is not only not sleeping through the night yet, but daytime naps are 30 minutes on average, eek!

  6. Joann

    This wearable blanket has such a cute design! I love that it’s gender neutral too. I’m having a girl (any day now?) and have always used Halo sleep sacks with my first baby, but would love to give this one a try. Thanks for reviewing!

  7. Angela holtzman

    I swear this has been happening to me way too often lately!!! My husband and I were just researching sleep sacks last night and decided this was the one!!! We’re having the same issues with our 6 month old.. i know his naps are shorter than he needs them to be, and we’re soooooo close to making it all night. I think he just need a little help! I was planning to do a little more research at work today before placing the order… and here it is!!! Winning one would be such a great treat! I’ll wait order… fingers crossed!!

  8. Sarah Altendorf

    I would love to win this sleep sack. We’re about to transition our 6 month old little girl into her crib and this might make it easier!

  9. Rachel

    I’m convinced that I need one of these! Bedtime can be a real struggle in our house and this could be the answer we’re looking for.

  10. Nancy

    This Nested Bean Sleep Sack sounds perfect for families with babies. I’d love to have one for our new grandchild.

  11. Margaret S Porter

    What a precious little one! That sleep sack loves so comfy. I would love this for my niece who is expecting in Sept.

  12. wendy browne

    The photos are so cute. I would like to give this to my friend’s baby who is about four months old now.

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