Saturday Strollin’

Happy Saturday friends! This post is really just to show off some fun we had strolling around in our new Veer Cruiser. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a mix between a luxury stroller and a wagon. I’m not going to lie I kind felt like a bad ass pulling my kiddos around in this on our walk. This is totally not sponsored, I’m just obsessed and wanted to share it with you all.



This thing is super cool, let me tell you why I love it. It’s super sleek, which is great since I don’t want to be pulling around a big red clunky wagon. You can push, pull, or walk along side of it (think kind of like rolling luggage) and it’s SO smooth no matter what. It comes with a JPMA safety certification that makes it just as safe as a stroller. The snack tray comes with it which is great for functionality and also to keep my toddler just far enough away from our little guy. Also, cup holders for grown ups that can be clipped on a few different places. Seriously this thing is too cool, there are a bunch of features that I won’t get into, but go check them out! Also, I know some of you might be a little shocked by the price point but this can seriously be a replacement for a stroller in a lot of ways. If your child hates being in the stroller, if you have two kids and one is too big for a stroller, or if you are someone who is always off on adventures where a stroller is too hard to use, this is for you!


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