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I thought that maybe since Sullivan was our second baby that I wouldn’t experience that same anxiety that crept in during our first few weeks home with Elouise. Well I was wrong, it was still there. Granted, there are a few areas I feel a lot more confident in, but one thing definitely hasn’t subsided. I know I’m not the only one who constantly has to check during the night that baby is still breathing. I’ve heard it time and again from other mamas, and our first night home I caught myself back at it again. Then, we set up our Owlet monitor and let me tell you, it changed the game.


This tiny little sock fits right over little guy’s foot to monitor him while he sleeps. It’s soft and cozy so it doesn’t bother him, it can even fit easily under his sweet footie pajamas. After using it for the first night, I was able to really enter into a deep sleep. I mean even though he still wants to nurse every two or three hours, at least the sleep I’m getting in between feedings will actually count now. Babies, am I right?

So let me just explain a little bit about this magic monitor and why I think it’s so cool. While Sullivan sleeps, this little sock is constantly monitoring his heart rate and oxygen levels with the same technology hospitals use with that nifty little finger monitor. You know which one I’m talking about. Plus, the sock sends the information to the Owlet app on my phone and to the base station. No, not space station, but it’s pretty much just as cool. The base sits close to where you’re sleeping and is linked to the sock so that if something unusual is detected the color changes and it plays a loud song to alert you. you’ll also get an alert on your app. The app is really amazing because you can see a live feed of the vitals that are being monitored. Seriously using this makes me feel like I’m from the future.

I honestly am so glad I have this for Sully because at this point I’m needing all the sleep I can get. I can rest easy knowing that I don’t have to be the one to check on his breathing, Owlet is constantly doing that for me, and a lot more efficiently I might add. Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but Owlet is a new mama’s best friend.

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