Still Sleeping Sound with Owlet

Yes, that title says “still” because I posted about this little baby before. To be clear I’m talking about the Owlet not Sullivan, because obviously that little dude has been all over my blog posts lately. Well, the Owlet smart sock is maybe one of the most genius baby items on the market. Anything that can add to the peace of mind for a parent is a must have in my opinion and believe it or not, it just got better. They just released a brand new, updated, more efficient, and even smarter sock.


Here’s whats going on with this fancy new Smart Sock from my friends at Owlet. They’ve created an easier sock placement, which can help to limit false notifications. Speaking of false notifications, they’ve also updated the technology of the entire system to help limit those from happening. The fit of the sock is more secure and can be worn on either foot, which is super convenient! The smartphone app was already super easy to use, but now it’s even better. What I’m most excited about though is the 12x increase in the bluetooth range. Now that we actually have a house and not a tiny 900 sq foot place, my sweet baby will be far away from me when he transitions to his own room. Thank GOODNESS for the Owlet because without having that peace of mind I think I would keep him in our bedroom until after his first birthday.


While we are on the topic of sleep, I am finally sharing a exciting look at Elouise’s room I designed in collaboration with Birch Lane Kids here on the blog in a couple of days!

*Thanks to Owlet for sponsoring this post. All opinions shared are my own. 

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