Sullivan Gray: 8 Months

Where has my baby gone? No, seriously. He is SO big and getting more grown up by the second. Now that he army crawls its a game changer. We are officially in the awkward stage where he wants to be free and move but he shimmies on his belly across the floor so I’m not going to just put him on the ground while we are out and about. Also teething, teething and sleep training. This month has been rough and maybe that’s why I’m almost 10 days late with this post. Oops. Anyway, here’s a little update on life with my 8 month old little buddy.

Sullivan Gray at 8 Months

  • 22 lbs oz
  • 33 in long
  • Size 4 diapers
  • 12-18 month clothes
  • Size 3 shoes
  • 2 teeth! (bottom front) and they are so cute
  • Claps his hands all day long
  • Waves “Hi!”
  • Doing so much better for sleeping at night usually 7pm-4/5am and then back to sleep for a bit longer but some days he really throws us for a loop
  • Little chatter box
  • Saying Mama & Dada and makes “broom-broom” car noises alllll day long
  • Friendliest guy, but has been getting shy lately and buries his head on my chest when talking to new people
  • Army crawls like a freakin champ, he’s SO fast
  • Obsessed with shoes and if they are anywhere on the floor within minutes he will crawl to them and put them in his mouth
  • Pulls himself up to standing and thinks he’s the coolest kid around
  • Love pouches and lately has been eating teething biscuits and gnawing on crusty pieces of bread when we go out to eat.
  • Still no dairy for mama
  • Loves when Daddy tickles him

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