The Cannon Adventures: Pumpkin Patch Fun

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Earlier this week Elouise, my mom, and I, went to a super fun event with Baby Bjorn at the cutest pumpkin patch. Elouise had the time of her life exploring all of the fall fun and touched at least half of the pumpkins. I knew that we had to take another trip to our local pumpkin patch so that she could explore some more and we could share the fun with Daddy. So, thats just what we did yesterday. Tom’s Farm is a the cutest little spot down the freeway from us and they had the perfect little patch set up with a variety of pumpkins, music, and games.

They had a ton of cute Halloween carnival style games set up for kids to play for free. Elouise couldn’t get enough of this monster and candy corn bowling game.

She had to walk through every row of pumpkins and roll them around and pat them like she was searching for a good melon.

She was really into playing peek-a-boo behind these wooden cut outs, except these were in the game area and the holes were for bean bag toss. It got interesting when some bigger kids showed up and wanted to chuck bean bags at my child like a new version of whack-a-mole.

We only stayed at the pumpkin patch for about an hour, but it was the perfect for my little wild thing to explore and not wear this pregnant mama out. We are trying to get out as much as possible over these next fews weeks to make some memories with just Elouise before Baby Boy makes his arrival.

What are some of your favorite fun and easy family adventures?

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