The One Thing I Can’t Leave the House Without

Cups. Water cups. Specifically the kitty cat doctor cup from Dr. Brown’s because my toddler is really specific. I hate to disappoint if you thought that this was going to be some hot new must have, mom-hack item, but it’s something that’s been around for ages. If I don’t at least bring one cup with us when we leave the house, it’s bad. Like, I will have to buy water somewhere. Let me share with you our current faves, and a few photos of my crazy kids at Target. You know, just in case you were worried you were the only one with a toddler who takes over the bedding aisle for an unprompted runway show. Thanks to Dr. Brown’s for sponsoring this post so I can share our favorite cups with you!


Okay, so these cups are just so darn cute. Elouise loves to pick which character she wants for the day. I already mentioned the doctor kitty, but there’s also a shark on a bike and a few other hilarious combos. The sippy cups are great for Sully too, and they have handles for easy gripping. Both styles of cups have lids on them which I LOVE! That means my baby can shake the cup, it can be tipped upside down in the car, or thrown in my diaper bag and it will never spill. Okay so maybe these are a mom hack. I don’t know about you but I can’t stand when I go to grab something out of my bag and stick my hand into wetness only to wonder what liquid I’m feeling and what it might have ruined. Moral of the story is, we love these cups.


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