Whatever Mama Wants, Mama Gets

Oh, if only that were true. Then I would have two kiddos who slept through the night and napped at the same time, someone to clean my house, a chef, and a private shuttle service from my house straight to Disneyland. Too much? I think not! Well, I will say that there are a few things that us mamas want that are more realistic and to help you spoil whoever you are celebrating this Mother’s Day I have complied a quick list of some great gifts in three price categories. Whether you have $30, $75, or you’re planning to spoil your mama, I’ve got some options that she will love!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Splurge Items ($100+)


Folding Sunglasses $225

As a mom I am always on the hunt for practical things that are still stylish. Enter these Ray-Ban folding sunglasses. Gone are the days of putting glasses on my head and stretching them out or hooking them on my shirt and forgetting so they fall to the ground when I bend over to grab one of the kids, scratching the lenses. Not to mention sitting on them, having them take up a ton of room in my bag, or the worst of all, losing them! I’ll be honest, I have never splurged on sunglasses before. Typically I grab a pair for $15 and call it a day until I wreck or lose them. However, I am finally convinced that these babies are worth it. In fact, if I don’t get them as a gift I will for sure be buying them for myself because sometimes you just gotta treat yo’ self!

Clogs $159

I’m here to tell you that clogs are cool. Not only that, they are also comfortable which makes them the perfect mom shoe. Sandgrens has so many cute options and you know they are the real deal because they are one of the only clog companies that still makes these sweet wooden shoes IN Sweden. I will tell you that I personally own clogs and while I love that they are stylish I actually really love that I can wear something other than flip flops or sneakers and still easily chase my toddler around. They are so effortless to wear and I pair them with my jeans with an everyday look or with a dress on date night. My current pick with Summertime in mind are the Rio Grande which are a sandal style. I’m telling you, any mama would love these!

Less than $100


Hello Fresh Gift Card $75 (pricing varies)

I cannot recommend this enough. Food shows up to your door for in a fancy little box and its everything you need to make meals for your family. The box is filled with quality ingredients and perfectly portioned to make the recipes provided, that means no spending $6 on a bottle of fancy mustard that you only need 2 tablespoons of. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that only to throw said ingredient away (insert eye-roll here). This also means so meal planning, grocery shopping, and minimal meal prep. Plus, I have in fact used this service and loved all three meals that were provided. It’s basically like a way more affordable personal chef.

Custom Bar Necklace $68

My most favorite is from Made by Mary, I got one with Elouise’s name on it a little over a year ago and just recently got myself an early Mother’s Day gift in the form of a new necklace with Sully’s name. Now I have both of my babies with me wherever I go. Okay, I’m getting carried away, but it just proves my point that you can’t go wrong with a sentimental gift. you can do names, dates, etc. They are all super great quality, made with 14kt gold, 14kt rose gold, and sterling silver. Plus they are filled, not plated and your mama deserves the best!

Less than $50


All Natural Bath Products $39

Of course Tubby Todd is my first pick, and they have a Spring bundle of the perfect scents that I think any mama would love. I got them for my kiddos and quickly highjacked them for myself. Bubble bath, body wash, and lotion, all of them are top notch. I have used my fair share of all natural products and a lot of the time scent is lacking but the quality is there and other times it’s the opposite. Tubby Todd smells delightful and works like a dream. Plus I happen to know the sweet mama who runs it and she is just the bee’s knees. It makes me happy when I buy a product I love and it supports people I love.

Tinted Lip Balm with SPF $10

Okay, I cannot rave about this product enough. Again, its all natural which is super important to me, and probably your mom too. Especially with lip products since we use those for smooching our babes, no chemicals here please! Also, this is conditioning and has SPF so it more than just pretty, its practical. It gives off the slightest color thats just enough to make a girl feel pretty. Its also super cheap and if you can only snag this and a card for that mama in your life I’m sure she’ll be thrilled. And for all of you procrastinators you can get this is on Amazon prime here and have it in two days. Boom.

If all else fails, write a note, sing a song, give a hug, us mamas aren’t all that hard to please. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you hardworking, super fun, totally cute, moms out there. This day is for us and we aren’t regular moms, we’re cool moms!



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