Dressing the Bump: Week 24

Week 24 is just about over people, this is not a drill. I had a moment this week where everything became really real for me and suddenly the reality of having another baby just hit me right in the heart. Like, all aspects not just the sweet cuddles, but all of the bits and pieces. Good, difficult, sweet, and emotional. It really got me thinking about perspective. Perspective can change everything. Sometimes all we need is a different view to see the beauty in something. I once heard life compared to a tapestry and it kind of made everything make sense to me. Okay bear with me here, I know it doesn’t sound very relevant, but have you ever seen a tapestry being made? It’s a delicate and painstaking process and requires attention to detail and skill. Even one tiny piece out of place can disrupt the complex and intricate design.

I was reminded of this analogy when my husband and I were watching the Amazing Race, deep right? Contestants showed up at a weaving studio where women plugged and plucked away at strings like it was as second nature to them as blinking. The teams watched, were given minimal direction, and then had to take on the process themselves. Most of them expected to be able to accomplish the task quickly, but they all struggled and made countless mistakes that had to be fixed. They were only asked to do a single row of threading and even when they completed their task correctly, it didn’t look like much. You see, that’s because it wasn’t finished.


Our lives are very similar, each day we go through the motions, just plucking away. We care for our children, we go to work or school, and the next day we do it all again. We make mistakes, we have to course correct a bit, and things come up that we don’t expect and sometimes don’t understand. Things don’t always look pretty or the way we would expect them to. When you look at the underneath of a tapestry you see chaos; jumbled threads, knots, and a blur of colors. If thats the only part of the tapestry we looked at, nobody would want them or even understand why someone would put so much work and care into making one. Instead we get a different perspective, we see the view from the top where some of the most detailed and unique patterns and colors come into play.

Sometimes I wish that I could see the view from the top of my tapestry. Maybe if I knew why I had to use the yellow thread right now instead of the blue one I prefer, it would be a little easier to pluck away. Maybe if I could just see part of the picture I am weaving then my attitude about this financial stress would be a little bit more positive. We don’t always get that though, we don’t always get answers or even explanations about why things happen the way they do. Then, there are other times that I look back and can see so clearly the things that I have come through, I get a glimpse of the picture I’m weaving. I see why I had to take that job even though it only lasted for 6 months or why we had to move when it wasn’t what we thought was best for our family.


We may not always see the view from the top, but there’s someone who does and He knows exactly what picture you are weaving. He knows exactly why you have to keep using the really complicated loops and knots, why you might need to use that same color thread just a little longer, and why sometimes you have to fix something before moving forward even though it might be difficult. He knows exactly what the picture of your life is going to look like. He sees you working hard and He’s there to guide you, correct you, and comfort you through the process of weaving your life. We don’t always know, but He does, and this is the perspective I’m choosing right now.



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