Hello 2018!

I’m not afraid to admit that I have never been one to stick with my New Year’s resolutions. I mean, who really does? If you do then maybe you can teach me your secret? Until I find someone to coach me on resolution keeping I decided to jump on the “word of the year” bandwagon. This was something I could get on board with, picking one word as the theme of the year and focusing on this word in your choices and actions. I really wanted to do this, but for some reason, nothing was coming to mind. So I decided to skip it until I was praying and rocking Sully before bed and God spoke it to me as plain as day. Call me crazy, but I know without a doubt that this was a God-given thing. It was like all at once I heard the word and all of the ways in which it was going to weave through my life this upcoming year. Big stuff. I can’t wait to share it with you guys.

Overflowing: to be filled or supplied with in great measure,   to flow over or beyond, to fill to the point of running over, excess or superabundance

First of all, I really do just love this word. Reading the definition got me so excited for 2018 knowing that is this word that I will be speaking over my life and be claiming for the new year. There are three specific ways I want to be focusing on this word in 2018.

1.Prioritizing Self Care: The reason why this falls into the category is that I am finding myself in positions that require me to give of my time, my energy, and my talents. These are all amazing, exciting, and such a privilege, but I’ve realized the deep truth in the concept that you “can’t pour from an empty cup” and when I try to pour myself out into these areas without first taking care of myself I come up short for myself and for others. I know that I need to be spending quiet time reading the Bible, working on self-improvement, and doing things that I enjoy (besides watching Netflix, *gulp* ). So, in order to be able to overflow into the lives of others, my kids, my family, my community, in my business, and even in this online community, I need to commit to filling up my cup in a healthier way.

2. Giving: I really want to be more generous. I know that it is something that is so important not only for me to be doing but also for me to be modeling for my kiddos. I love this verse from Luke 6:38 “Give and it will be given to you in good measure, pressed down and overflowing, they shall cast into your lap. For with what measure you measure it will be measured to you.” The word overflowing is so powerful in this sense to me because the Bible says that when you give you will receive so much back that you will be overflowing. Now, this is not about “stuff” as much as I’d love 2018 to be the year of a brand new house and a Range Rover. What is it about is opening your hands up, and not holding so tightly to what I do have. I want to be open to giving more so that when there are circumstances to receive, my hands will be wide open and ready for those things.

3. Checking my Attitude: Let me say that I am not exactly a sassy person. I have been known to be sarcastic and at times witty, but mostly in a lighthearted way. The thing about this area is that while I may not always act on it, my thoughts and my attitude (my heart) are not always where they need to be. “A good man produces good deeds from a good heart. And an evil man produces evil deeds from his hidden wickedness. Whatever is in the heart overflows into speech.” Luke 6:45.  I can be quick to judge, get snappy or nitpick my husband, get easily annoyed, and lose my patience. That’s why I know that I need to focus on this area. It may not be this deep dark area, but it’s something I’m really feeling compelled to work on.

If you made it this far, I’m impressed because I’m sure that seemed like a lot of rambling and mumbo jumbo. But it was personal and vulnerable and honest and I want to keep this space a place that I can be that for you guys but also for myself to look back on. So thanks for reading, if you did. If you have a word for 2018 I’d love for you to head over to my most recent Instagram post and leave it in a comment. Cheers to the New Year friends!




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