Summertime Ice Cream Picnic

I’m just going to come right out and say it, I’m not a fan of messes. I wish I was that mom who was super carefree 24-7 and let their kid just have the time of their life playing in the mud while wearing their new white shoes, but it just isn’t who I am. Now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest, I will say that as Elouise is getting older I have relaxed a ton, and with Sullivan it’s like I’m a whole new mama. The key, my friends, is finding that perfect balance. Elouise was dying for ice cream the other day, but this mama is not fan of the sticky mess all over her, her clothes, the high chair, the table, and the floor. That is way too many thing I’m going to have to clean. So this is where I comprised, and we took ourselves out into the lovely summertime weather for an ice cream picnic.

A picnic over here always starts with out Gathre Mat. This baby is seriously multi-functional, we use it for SO many things, but it’s always our outdoor mat of choice. Bonded buttery soft leather that’s comfy and also so stinkin’ easy to clean up. The next thing I did was strip her down to her diaper (I get asked a lot, we use Seventh Generation diapers and wipes) because laundry is my arch nemesis and the less things I have to pre-treat the better. I also decided to pass up the cone, because we all know that then the ice cream would end up smearing over half of her face, dripping down her arm, and probably falling off all together. Instead I served it to her in our new favorite organic and sustainable stay-put baby dishware from Avanchy. I cannot rave about these products enough, I wish I had found them sooner! So, I eliminated maybe 2/3 of the mess factor and somehow ended up being the fun mom because she got and Ice Cream Picnic. Mom win for sure!


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